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Home On The Range

Continental - Home On The Range

Known mostly for his time as founding guitarist of the Dropkick Murphys, Boston based rocker Rick Barton has spent the last five years fronting his current band and labor of love, Continental. The band's sound is soulful rock n roll, plain and simple. While often compared to a variety of different bands, they like to summarize their style as "Paul Westerberg writing songs for The Rolling Stones," a compliment they received and have remembered for years. "I wear my heart on my sleeve and prefer to sing about what's inside, rather than fast cars and shaking booty" says Rick.

TAGS: Americana | Garage

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"Home On The Range"


  1. 1. Home On The Range
  2. 2. A Little Sign
  3. 3. Page Fletcher
  4. 4. Johnny O
  5. 5. Poor Poor Me
  6. 6. Kilz Me
  7. 7. Remedy
  8. 8. Lonely Fall
  9. 9. Smile
  10. 10. Time (Crushed By The World)