New Releases For November 13, 2015

Eno: Discreet Music

Contact - Eno: Discreet Music

With the 40th anniversary of the release of Brian Eno's electronic ambient masterpiece Discreet Music, Contact Ensemble, Toronto's polymorphous cutting edge ensemble, led by Jerry Pergolesi, weighs in with a mesmerizing realization that both pays homage to and extends beautifully the original’s enduring experimentalism and influence.

TAGS: Ambient

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"Part I"


  1. 1. Part I
  2. 2. Part II
  3. 3. Part III
  4. 4. Part IV
  5. 5. Part V
  6. 6. Part VI
  7. 7. Part VII

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • May 29
    Gothenburg, Sweden Contact and Nefertiti at Nefertiti Jazz Club
  • May 30
    Västerås, Sweden Contact at Västerås Officersmäss
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