New Releases For November 9, 2010

Conjure One

Conjure One - Exilarch

Rhys Fulber, the Canadian-born artist and producer behind Conjure One presents his third album, Exilarch.

The current single, 'Like Ice,' features vocals by one of dance music's most sought after voices, Jaren Cerf (Armin Van Buuren, John O'Callaghan, Matt Cerf).

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"Like Ice (Feat. Jaren)"


  1. 1. Like Ice (Feat. Jaren)
  2. 2. Places That Don't Exist
  3. 3. Zephyr (Feat. Jaren)
  4. 4. Nargis (Feat. Azam Ali)
  5. 5. Nomadic Code
  6. 6. The Distance (Feat. Jaren)
  7. 7. I Dream In Colour (Feat. Leah Randi)
  8. 8. Existential Exile
  9. 9. Run For Cover (Feat. Free Dominguez)
  10. 10. Oligarch