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Comeback Kid
Symptoms + Cures

Comeback Kid - Symptoms + Cures

Symptoms + Cures radiates Comeback Kid's genre-perfecting style of breakneck traditional hardcore punk rock combined with prevailing melodies. The band wrote their fierce new collection of anthems in the place that they have come to know the most: the road.

Having proven themselves to be one of today's premiere hardcore band as well as a true touring force, Comeback Kid will be conquering the world again with a relentless touring schedule, taking them across the US, Canada, and Europe by the end of 2010 and to South America and Japan in early 2011.

TAGS: Hardcore | Punk

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"Because Of All"


  1. 1. Do Yourself A Favor
  2. 2. Crooked Floors
  3. 3. G.M. Vincent & I
  4. 4. Because Of All
  5. 5. The Concept Stays
  6. 6. Balance
  7. 7. Symptoms + Cures
  8. 8. Manifest
  9. 9. Get Alone
  10. 10. Magnet Pull
  11. 11. Pull Back The Reins

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Sep 12
    Lakewood, OH, US H20 with Comeback Kid at The Foundry
  • Sep 13
    Cincinnati, OH, US Comeback Kid at Legends
  • Sep 14
    Ferndale, MI, US Comeback Kid at The Loving Touch
  • Sep 15
    Rochester, NY, US Comeback Kid with Abuse of Power at Montage Music Hall
  • Sep 16
    Pittsburgh, PA, US Comeback Kid, Plasmid, and Abuse of Power at Rex Theater
  • Sep 17
    College Park, MD, US H20 with Comeback Kid and Abuse of Power at Milkboy Arthouse - Main Stage
  • Sep 18
    Richmond, VA, US Comeback Kid with Beggar's Row, Watchdogs, and Abuse of Power at Canal Club
  • Sep 19
    Amityville, NY, US Comeback Kid with Abuse of Power at Amityville Music Hall
  • Sep 20
    Cambridge, MA, US Supersuckers and Comeback Kid at The Middle East - Downstairs
  • Sep 21
    Philadelphia, PA, US Comeback Kid with Abuse of Power at Underground Arts
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