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Cold War Kids
Hold My Home

Cold War Kids - Hold My Home

Hold My Home is a more pure and more bombastic album than anything they have ever made, utilizing their environment, experience, energy and cohesion while still driving home the familiar Cold War Kids sound that has been honed and perfected over this past decade.

The one-two elevated punch that launches Hold My Home is undoubtedly the band's strongest leadoff since Robbers & Cowards. 'All This Could Be Yours,' the first single, packs influences from Patti Smith and Them with its chugging piano chords and sing-along refrain, while the second song, 'First,' is perhaps their biggest sound yet.


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"All This Could Be Yours"


  1. 1. All This Could Be Yours
  2. 2. First
  3. 3. Hot Coals
  4. 4. Driver Desperate
  5. 5. Hotel Anywhere
  6. 6. Go Quietly
  7. 7. Nights & Weekends
  8. 8. Hold My Home
  9. 9. Flower Drum Song
  10. 10. Harold Bloom
  11. 11. Hear My Baby Call

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Jul 06
    Atlanta, GA, US AWOLNATION and Cold War Kids at Suntrust Park
  • Oct 05
    Morrison, CO, US Cold War Kids at Red Rocks Amphitheatre
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