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Code Orange
I Am King

Code Orange - I Am King

Unpredictability is the law as Code Orange navigates through their distorted world. Title track 'I Am King' shifts from 'heavy' to 'hard to define' through the use of unorthodox guitar work/percussion and chaotic structure.

While songs like 'Dreams In Inertia' wear an art-rock crown and claim a metallic throne, it's not just melodious experimentation. 'Unclean Spirit' shows Code Orange reimagining what aggressive music can be. Elevating and expanding what can be done within the confines of it without leaving it behind entirely. Proving that Code Orange are true artists and not just 'kids' anymore.

TAGS: Hardcore | Punk

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"I Am King"


  1. 1. I Am King
  2. 2. Slowburn
  3. 3. Dreams In Inertia
  4. 4. Unclean Spirit
  5. 5. Alone In A Room
  6. 6. My World
  7. 7. Starve
  8. 8. Your Body Is Ready...
  9. 9. Thinners Of The Herd
  10. 10. Bind You
  11. 11. Mercy

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Oct 21
    Sacramento, CA, US Monster Energy Aftershock 2017
  • Oct 24
    Colorado Springs, CO, US Code Orange with Remain and WoRRY at Black Sheep
  • Oct 25
    Wichita, KS, US Code Orange with Bodysnatcher at Rock Island Live
  • Nov 03
    San Bernardino, CA, US Ozzfest Meets Knotfest 2017
  • Nov 24
    Worcester, MA, US Hatebreed with Currents, Aversions Crown, Within the Ruins, and 7 more… at Palladium
  • Nov 25
    Philadelphia, PA, US Hatebreed, Code Orange, Dying Fetus, and Twitching Tongues at Theater of the Living Arts
  • Nov 26
    Baltimore, MD, US Hatebreed with Code Orange, Dying Fetus, and Twitching Tongues at Baltimore Soundstage
  • Nov 27
    Greensboro, NC, US Hatebreed with Code Orange, Dying Fetus, and Twitching Tongues at Arizona Pete's
  • Dec 01
    Louisville, KY, US Hatebreed, Code Orange, and Dying Fetus at Diamonds Bar & Grill - Highlands
  • Dec 02
    Cleveland, OH, US Hatebreed, Dying Fetus, Twitching Tongues, and Code Orange at House of Blues
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