New Releases For October 25, 2011

Close Your Eyes
Empty Hands And Heavy Hearts

Close Your Eyes - Empty Hands And Heavy Hearts

Abilene, TX melodic-hardcore band, Close Your Eyes, opened the ears and hearts of fans and critics around the world with their debut album, We Will Overcome. Close Your Eyes again delivers their inspiring message on their highly-anticipated sophomore release, Empty Hands and Heavy Hearts. The dynamic anthems on Empty Hands and Heavy Hearts are comprised of strong and honest vocals, ranging from vibrant hooks to pile-up worthy gang chants, monstrous guitar riffs, and powerhouse drums.

Close Your Eyes vastly spread their uplifting and energizing live show across North America, performing over 150 dates in 2010, including a sold out tour with A Day To Remember and Underoath. Close Your Eyes is already on pace to best this in 2011. Empty Hands and Heavy Hearts is the catalyst to drive Close Your Eyes to the forefront of the hardcore elite.

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  1. 1. Hope Slips Away (The World Is Ours To Change)
  2. 2. Empty Hands
  3. 3. Erie
  4. 4. Valleys
  5. 5. Injustice
  6. 6. Paper Thin
  7. 7. Wormwood
  8. 8. Keep The Lights On
  9. 9. Carry You
  10. 10. Wolves
  11. 11. Scars
  12. 12. Heavy Hearts

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