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Claptone - Fantast

Claptone is a unique proposition in modern music. Painted as a mythical character shrouded in mystery, Claptone has become one of the biggest names in electronic music whilst himself remaining in the shadows. He has however constantly sought to deepen his distinctive world, creating a rich tapestry, telling the Claptone story. On Fantast his universe is at its deepest and most vivid. The 13 tracks on Fantast come together to create an album full of varied colors and atmospheric textures. In music Claptone seeks to create an enigma with a tireless desire for creativity and thirst for new music.

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"In The Night (Featuring Ben Duffy)"


  1. 1. Birdsong (Featuring Zola Blood)
  2. 2. In The Night (Featuring Ben Duffy)
  3. 3. Under The Moon (Featuring Nathan Nicholson)
  4. 4. Stay The Night (Featuring Tender)
  5. 5. Stronger (Featuring Ben Duffy)
  6. 6. Ain’t A Bad Thing (Featuring Jones)
  7. 7. Wildside (Featuring Matt Simons)
  8. 8. Abyss Of Love (Featuring Nathan Nicholson)
  9. 9. La Esperanza (Featuring Katie Stelmanis)
  10. 10. Good Sense (Featuring Joan As Police Woman)
  11. 11. A Waiting Game (Featuring Nathan Nicholson)
  12. 12. Cruising (So They Say) (Featuring Kele Okereke)
  13. 13. Animal (Featuring Clap Your Hands Say Yeah)
  14. 14. Alone (Featuring Blaenavon)

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Jun 05
    Frankfurt, Germany World Club Dome 2020
  • Jun 06
    Ibiza, Spain Claptone at Pacha
  • Jun 12
    Brooklyn, NY, US Claptone at Brooklyn Mirage, Avant Gardner
  • Jun 12
    George, WA, US Beyond Wonderland PNW 2020
  • Jun 13
    Ibiza, Spain Claptone at Pacha
  • Jun 20
    Ibiza, Spain Claptone at Pacha
  • Jun 27
    Ibiza, Spain Claptone at Pacha
  • Jul 04
    Ibiza, Spain Claptone at Pacha
  • Jul 08
    Salzburg, Austria Electric Love Festival 2020
  • Jul 11
    Ibiza, Spain Claptone at Pacha
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