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Chvrches - Every Open Eye

Every Open Eye follows Chvrches debut album, The Bones Of What We Believe. Lead single “Leave A Trace” was released Summer 2015 to critical acclaim from Pitchfork, SPIN, Billboard, NPR, Rolling Stone and more. Sonically, the album is their signature style, uniquely merging the organic with the electronic, an electronic-pop record with a heart.

"By broadening their sound enough to match the charts’ more anthemic, populist version of ’80s revivalism but, thankfully, without sacrificing their own character." - Billboard

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"Leave A Trace"


  1. 1. Never Ending Circles
  2. 2. Leave A Trace
  3. 3. Keep You On My Side
  4. 4. Make Them Gold
  5. 5. Clearest Blue
  6. 6. High Enough To Carry You Over
  7. 7. Empty Threat
  8. 8. Down Side Of Me
  9. 9. Playing Dead
  10. 10. Bury It
  11. 11. Afterglow

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Oct 12
    Washington, DC, US All Things Go Fall Classic 2019
  • Nov 02
    San Diego, CA, US Dia De Los Deftones 2019
  • Nov 23
    Canberra, ACT, Australia Spilt Milk Festival 2019
  • Nov 30
    Ballarat, VIC, Australia Spilt Milk Festival 2019
  • Dec 06
    Las Vegas, NV, US Intersect Festival 2019
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