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Chuck Mead
Close To Home

Chuck Mead - Close To Home

Neo-traditional honky tonker Chuck Mead serves up a Memphis-spiced hardcore country platter with Close To Home. The 11-track collection recorded at the historic Sam Phillips Recording Studios in Memphis, Tenn. was produced by acclaimed Memphis recording engineer and producer Matt Ross-Spang.

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"Big Bear In The Sky"


  1. 1. Big Bear In The Sky
  2. 2. I'm Not The Man For The Job
  3. 3. My Baby's Holding It Down
  4. 4. Better Than I Was
  5. 5. Daddy Worked The Pole
  6. 6. Close To Home
  7. 7. The Man Who Shook The World
  8. 8. Billy Doesn't Know He's Bad
  9. 9. Tap Into Your Misery
  10. 10. Shake
  11. 11. There's Love Where I Come From