New Releases For November 9, 2010

Chromatic Black
Chromatic Black

Chromatic Black - Chromatic Black

Mix all fundamental colors together and you get black - colorful black - chromatic BLaCK. Diversity, creativity, and an open minded spirit makes life more chromatic, more intense, and that's exactly how chromatic BLaCK like their music.

Germany's hot new pop punk contenders are best known for their intense live shows as seen in the video for 'Alright (Cos Nothing Is Alright).' This band is now ready for American exposure where they have already received airplay on various college radio and internet radio stations.

The self-titled album naturally appeals to fans of acts such as Iggy Pop, Bad Religion, Refused, and Black Flag.

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"Alright (Cos Nothing Is Alright)"


  1. 1. Scream And Shout
  2. 2. Alright (Cos Nothing Is Alright)
  3. 3. Do You Wanna
  4. 4. Under Pressure
  5. 5. Human Animals
  6. 6. Asshole In The Mirror
  7. 7. Stay On Holliday
  8. 8. Night Time
  9. 9. Cos We Are All Spiders Caught In Our Own Web
  10. 10. Too Primitive For Intelligence
  11. 11. No Reason