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Christian Sands - Reach

With his debut Mack Avenue Records recording, Reach, singularly talented pianist and five-time Grammy® Award nominee Christian Sands is stretching into exciting progressive territory as he breaks new ground traversing from the straight-ahead zone into fresh-sounding music influenced by a range of styles, from Afro-Cuban rhythms to hip-hop beats to dirty blues. "The collection here is about reaching new ideas and reaching new music," he says. "I'm reaching from past recordings to bring in the future, which is all about finding myself. It's a chance to express my experience.” Reach becomes one more milestone in Sands' auspicious career.

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"Bud’s Tune"


  1. 1. Armando’s Song
  2. 2. Song Of The Rainbow People
  3. 3. Pointing West
  4. 4. Freefall
  5. 5. ¡Óyeme!
  6. 6. Bud’s Tune
  7. 7. Reaching For The Sun
  8. 8. Use Me
  9. 9. Gangstalude
  10. 10. Somewhere Out There

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Jul 05
    Lewes, UK Love Supreme Jazz Festival 2019
  • Jul 05
    Copenhagen, Denmark Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2019
  • Sep 07
    Paris, France Yaron Herman, Christian Sands, Eric Legnini, and Christian Sands Trio at Philharmonie De Paris
  • Nov 19
    London, UK EFG London Jazz Festival 2019
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