New Releases For January 13, 2015

Chris Potter Underground Orchestra
Imaginary Cities

Chris Potter Underground Orchestra - Imaginary Cities

Imaginary Cities is the recording premiere of saxophonist Chris Potter’s new Underground Orchestra. At the core of this larger ensemble is the personnel of his long-established Underground quartet – with Adam Rogers, Craig Taborn and Nate Smith – now joined by two bassists, a string quartet, and Potter’s old comrade from Dave Holland Quintet days, vibes and marimba man Steve Nelson. The scope of the work, and its contrasting moods and thematic development, inspire some of Potter’s finest playing.

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"Imaginary Cities 1 Compassion"


  1. 1. Lament
  2. 2. Imaginary Cities 1 Compassion
  3. 3. Imaginary Cities 2 Dualities
  4. 4. Imaginary Cities 3 Disintegration
  5. 5. Imaginary Cities 4 Rebuilding
  6. 6. Firefly
  7. 7. Shadow Self
  8. 8. Sky