New Releases For February 28, 2012

Chip Taylor & The New Ukrainians
F**K All The Perfect People

Chip Taylor & The New Ukrainians - F**K All The Perfect People

Since legendary songwriter Chip Taylor ('Wild Thing,' 'Angel of the Morning') returned to making music 15 years ago he has put out a series of acclaimed Americana albums, most on his own and some with Carrie Rodriguez. But F**k All The Perfect People is his first band record and it brings out a new dynamic in Chip.

In fact, one critic found the band 'too dynamic!' It was that comment by a Swedish music writer which inspired this record. Taylor was touring Scandinavia with bassist Bjorn Petterson, guitarist Orjan Maki and drummer Magnus Olsson when they read in a Stockholm newspaper that their show had been 'too dynamic.' Everyone laughed and Chip wrote a response song called 'Too Dynamic' that they played at the end of all the shows on the remainder of the tour.

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"F**K All The Perfect People"


  1. 1. Be Kind
  2. 2. The Dutchman Blues
  3. 3. F**K All The Perfect People
  4. 4. Me And Rohillio
  5. 5. Passport Blues
  6. 6. New Things
  7. 7. Norrtalje Prison
  8. 8. Phoned In Dead
  9. 9. Outside The Human Condition
  10. 10. Too Dynamic
  11. 11. Weaker Moments
  12. 12. I Know Dark