New Releases For August 18, 2017

Chelsea Williams

Chelsea Williams - Boomerang

Williams' debut on Blue Élan is a thoroughly transcendent mix of Americana, indie-folk and lush pop. "My aim with this record was to maintain integrity, creatively and musically," she states. "I wanted to let creativity rule the process and not be afraid to step outside of what was expected of me." Williams documents her emotions in song in ways that can feel astonishing. Sometimes those feelings are carefree and luminous; other times they're troubled and turbulent. But when channeled through her captivating voice and intoxicating melodies, they work their way into the thicket of your senses before coming to rest in your soul.

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"Lonely Girl"


  1. 1. Angeles Crest
  2. 2. Lonely Girl
  3. 3. Fool’s Gold
  4. 4. Anything Worth Saving
  5. 5. Rush
  6. 6. Six Bottles Of Wine
  7. 7. Little Halo
  8. 8. Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind
  9. 9. Toyota Song
  10. 10. Don’t Want To Die Alone
  11. 11. Dreamcatcher
  12. 12. Boomerang
  13. 13. Angeles Crest Postlude