New Releases For October 2, 2012

Charlie Peacock
No Man's Land

Charlie Peacock - No Man's Land

No Man's Land, his ninth solo outing, and his first vocal recording in twelve years. The album, which began its gestation over a three-day break between other productions, is the culmination of a lifetime of making music.

'I was trying to capture something of the sound of my grandparents' America - especially Louisiana and Oklahoma - Cajun two-steps, ruckus, and dust, lots of dust.'

Peacock possesses one of the most diverse and eclectic resumes in contemporary music. He is the producer behind the Grammy-winning breakout the Civil Wars, and the duo's much-lauded Barton Hollow. He also discovered pop-rock band Switchfoot and co-produced their gold single 'Dare You To Move,' a top-20 hit from their multi-platinum smash The Beautiful Letdown.

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"Death Trap"


  1. 1. Death Trap
  2. 2. Mystic
  3. 3. Voice Of The Lord
  4. 4. Kite In A Tree
  5. 5. Deep Inside A Word
  6. 6. Let The Dog Back In The House
  7. 7. Beauty Left The Book
  8. 8. Till My Body Comes Undone
  9. 9. Thinkin' Till The Crack Of Dawn
  10. 10. Ghost Of The Kitty Cat
  11. 11. Only You Can
  12. 12. Satellites