New Releases For August 14, 2012

Charlie Mars
Blackberry Light

Charlie Mars - Blackberry Light

'Working with an all-star cast of musicians and producers such as Billy Harvey and Tchad Blake, the Austin-based recording sessions produced Blackberry Light - a sparse, minimalist collection of songs that might be Charlie Mars' most tender and introspective to date.' - Paste

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"Let The Meter Run"


  1. 1. Let The Meter Run
  2. 2. How I Roll
  3. 3. Nothing But The Rain
  4. 4. Blackberry Light
  5. 5. Pacific Ocean
  6. 6. Back Of The Room
  7. 7. I Do I Do
  8. 8. Picture Of An Island
  9. 9. Sometimes The Sky
  10. 10. Great Wall Of China

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • May 15
    Fort Worth, TX, US Charlie Mars at Fort Worth Live
  • May 18
    Baton Rouge, LA, US Charlie Mars at Zeeland Street Market
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