New Releases For February 26, 2013

Charles Lloyd & Jason Moran
Hagar's Song

Charles Lloyd & Jason Moran - Hagar's Song

Hagar's Song, the newest release from longtime ECM luminary Charles Lloyd, is an interactive duo recording with Jason Moran, the star pianist who has been a key member of Lloyd's latter-day quartet. The centerpiece of the album is the title suite composed by Lloyd and dedicated to his great-great-grandmother, who was taken from her home in south Mississippi at age 10 and sold to another slave-owner in Tennessee. Animated by soul-deep memory and a rich American artistic heritage, Hagar's Song is music from the heart to the heart.

TAGS: Jazz

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"Mood Indigo"


  1. 1. Pretty Girl
  2. 2. Mood Indigo
  3. 3. Bess, You Is My Woman Now
  4. 4. All About Ronnie
  5. 5. Pictogram
  6. 6. You've Changed

  7. Hagar's Song
  8. 7. I. Journey Up River
  9. 8. II. Dreams Of White Bluff
  10. 9. III. Alone
  11. 10. IV. Bolivar Blues
  12. 11. V. Hagars Lullaby

  13. 12. Rosetta
  14. 13. I Shall Be Released
  15. 14. God Only Knows