New Releases For June 19, 2012

Chantal Claret
The One, The Only...

Chantal Claret - The One, The Only...

Meaty, beaty, big and bouncy, The One, The Only... sees Chantal putting a modern twist on early '60s femme-pop. She introduces the disc with a thick-grooved lead single, 'Bite Your Tongue,' which described as a 'soulful, bluesy pop number that should be a hit with fans of singers like Adele and Lily Allen.'

'When people ask what the music sounds like, I say, imagine Tina Turner fronting Outkast at Bette Midler's bat mitzvah,' says Chantal.

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"Bite Your Tongue"


  1. 1. Intro
  2. 2. Bite Your Tongue
  3. 3. Pleasure Seeker
  4. 4. Pop Pop Bang Bang
  5. 5. This Time
  6. 6. No Love Lost
  7. 7. Never Gonna Let You Go
  8. 8. Real Girls
  9. 9. Black Widow
  10. 10. Honey Honey
  11. 11. Song For The Sinners
  12. 12. Light It Up
  13. 13. Can't Save Her