New Releases For February 26, 2016

Chains Over Razors
Crown The Villain

Chains Over Razors - Crown The Villain

“Relentless momentum, edgy metal, rock n' roll melodies” is how the lads in Chains Over Razors describe the sound that is on display throughout their brand new album, Crown The Villain, produced by rock legend Carmine Appice. And after hearing such selections as “Center Line Of Lie,” “Devil's Eyes,” and “Damnation,” it becomes instantly clear - singer Franco V. Roc, guitarist Mike Vujasin, and drummer Andy Vujasin mean business.

TAGS: Hard Rock | Metal

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  1. 1. Center Line Of A Lie
  2. 2. 2020 (Silence Of The Moonlight)
  3. 3. Damnation
  4. 4. Devil’s Eyes
  5. 5. Subtle Words
  6. 6. Live It Loud
  7. 7. Letters Of Twelve
  8. 8. Promises Of War
  9. 9. The Run
  10. 10. Monster
  11. 11. 7 Years
  12. 12. Only God Can Judge Me