New Releases For June 28, 2011

Chadwick Stokes
Simmerkane II

Chadwick Stokes - Simmerkane II

Chadwick Stokes of State Radio & Dispatch's solo project is inspired by Chad's train jumping adventures across the US - this made him think of songs of the US/traveling and it didn't fit musically and is less political than State Radio, therefore he wrote this album to keep challenging himself creatively. Simmerkane II is a more accessible look at Chad Stokes featuring: Carly Simon, Blake Hazard (the Submarines), Matt Embree (of the Rx Bandits), The White Buffalo and Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars.

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"Black Bottle"


  1. 1. Adelaide
  2. 2. Crowbar Hotel
  3. 3. Back To The Races
  4. 4. Rainsong
  5. 5. Insulin
  6. 6. Religion On The Rails (I Saw You There)
  7. 7. Black Bottle
  8. 8. Ichabod And Abraham
  9. 9. I Love Your Army
  10. 10. Spider And Gioma

  11. Deluxe Disc Additional Tracks
  12. 1. Coffee And Wine
  13. 2. All My Possessions (Ode To Troy)
  14. 3. Don't Have You