New Releases For April 3, 2012

Caravana Sereia Bloom

Céu - Caravana Sereia Bloom

Caravana Sereia Bloom is the boldest work to date from Brazil's Céu. Eschewing much of the laid-back, loungey electro-bossa nova and samba that caused Starbucks to make her self-title debut the first international release in its Hear Music series, today Céu seems to have more in common with the psychedelic oeuvres of early Tropicalia artists and Os Mutantes than the restrained musings of Jobim.

Caravana Sereia Bloom is this girl from São Paulo's finest moment in a career that shows no sign of slowing.

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  1. 1. Falta De Ar
  2. 2. Amor De Antigos
  3. 3. Aspalto Y Sol
  4. 4. Retrovisor
  5. 5. Teju Na Estrado
  6. 6. Contravento
  7. 7. Palhaco
  8. 8. You Won't Regret It
  9. 9. Sereia
  10. 10. Baile De Ilusao
  11. 11. FFFree
  12. 12. Streets Bloom
  13. 13. Ghegar Em Mim