New Releases For June 2, 2017

Wounded Healer

Celebration - Wounded Healer

“The last three years have been filled with contrasts,” says lead singer Katrina Ford. “Fantastical musical adventures against the backdrop of adult crisis.” From this collision comes the kaleidoscopic Wounded Healer. Drawing its galvanic thrust from contrasting elements, the band’s fifth album is their most richly realized statement yet: intimate and expansive, cohesive and wide-ranging, bruised and restorative. “Only when the name came to us did I understand this was a medicine record,” Ford explains, “The songs were written a while ago. The feelings experienced when writing them have changed over time. They have evolved towards healing or resolution.”

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  1. 1. Rolling On
  2. 2. Velvet Glove
  3. 3. Spider
  4. 4. Sacred Clown
  5. 5. Summer Season
  6. 6. Granite
  7. 7. Freedom Ring
  8. 8. Stevie
  9. 9. Georgia Roots
  10. 10. Paper Trails
  11. 11. Drum And Phife

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