New Releases For August 19, 2014


Celebration - Albumin

Living legends in Baltimore's thriving music scene, Celebration return with Albumin, a distinctly vivid, seismic slice of psychedelic rock and soul. It's the band's first album since 2010's acclaimed Electric Tarot: Hello Paradise after two releases on 4AD and their first for Bella Union, initiating a new chapter in a story marked by triumph and disaster, struggle and redemption.

Albumin is also Celebration's finest record to date, the album the quintet has been leading up to. From the anthemic opener 'Razor's Edge' to the pop levity of 'Tomorrow's Here Today' and the shape-shifting centrepiece 'I Got Sol'.

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"Tomorrow's Here Today"


  1. 1. Razor's Edge
  2. 2. Tomorrow's Here Today
  3. 3. Blood Is The Brine
  4. 4. 7-foot Sensei
  5. 5. I Got Sol
  6. 6. Solstice Rite
  7. 7. Chariot
  8. 8. Only The Wicked
  9. 9. Don't Stop Dreaming

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