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Carousel Kings
Charm City

Carousel Kings - Charm City

Charm City serves as a reminder that pop punk is far from over” – Alternative Press

“Carousel Kings are part of this new generation of trailblazing bands coming up in the music scene” – Substream

“Pop punk continues to thrive and explode, thanks to bands such as Carousel Kings keeping it fresh and exciting” – Highwire Daze

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"Bad Habit"


  1. 1. Grey Goose
  2. 2. Glory Daze
  3. 3. Here, Now, Forever
  4. 4. Bad Habit
  5. 5. Something Isn’t Right
  6. 6. Hate Me, Love Me
  7. 7. Charm City
  8. 8. Dynamite
  9. 9. Unconditionally
  10. 10. Fractals
  11. 11. Punch Drunk
  12. 12. Fool’s Gold
  13. 13. You Never Will

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Jul 24
    Lancaster, PA, US Launch Music Conference, The Juliana Theory, and Carousel Kings at Chameleon Club
  • Jan 01
    Atlantic City, NJ, US The Juliana Theory with Carousel Kings at Anchor Rock Club
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