New Releases For October 25, 2011

Until I Feel Nothing

Carnifex - Until I Feel Nothing

2010's highly-praised Hell Chose Me was a dark and blasphemous vehicle which Carnifex used to spread their filth across dozens of nations around the globe. Carnifex have played over 200 dates since its release and have toured non-stop over the last several years. After taking the time to record with Tim Lambesis (As I Lay Dying), Carnifex have now resurfaced from hell with their latest and most vile release to date, Until I Feel Nothing.

Carnifex have mastered the unique combination of varying facets of extreme metal including crushing death metal grooves, fast-paced trash metal guitar work, and alternating raspy black metal vocals with guttural death metal growls. Until I Feel Nothing is an unrelenting and intense piece of work with dense galloping riffs, sharp pinch harmonics, fierce blast beats, and devastating breakdowns. Guaranteed to be one of the most touted metal releases of the year, Until I Feel Nothing cements Carnifex as the reigning leaders of brutal death metal.

TAGS: Hard Rock | Metal

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"Dead But Dreaming"


  1. 1. Deathwish
  2. 2. We Spoke Of Lies
  3. 3. A Grave To Blame
  4. 4. Dead But Dreaming
  5. 5. Creation Defaced
  6. 6. Dehumanize
  7. 7. Until I Feel Nothing
  8. 8. Never Forgive Me
  9. 9. Wretched Entropy
  10. 10. Curse My Name