New Releases For May 25, 2018

House Of Doom EP

Candlemass - House Of Doom EP

It only takes a few short bars of the title track “House Of Doom” to feel that familiar sensation again: yes, Leif Edling aka the undisputed king of minor key songwriting has returned. With him, he brings frenzied riffing, melancholy made sound and warm Hammond organ tapestries that form the pillars of every Candlemass classic. The band is back on top form with this killer doom epic. With the House Of Doom EP, the Swedish pioneers of timeless slowness managed once again to distill the essence of epic doom metal – and at the same time they make waiting for the next longplayer (to be released in fall 2018) even harder.

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"House Of Doom"


  1. 1. House Of Doom
  2. 2. Flowers Of Deception
  3. 3. Fortuneteller
  4. 4. Dolls On A Wall

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