New Releases For September 3, 2013

Caged Animals
In The Land Of Giants

Caged Animals - In The Land Of Giants

Caged Animals is Vincent Cacchione, a New Jersey-born Italian living in Brooklyn. Cacchione carries a strong songwriting gene in his Caged Animals brand of glitch-friendly pop; he's equally inspired by the classicism of John Lennon's solo material, as he is by the melancholic R&B twist of Frank Ocean, and carries the perfect fusion of Chad Van Gaalen's raw & pop qualities.

In The Land Of Giants is an intimate yet grand pop record. Featuring an expertly eclectic mix of singalong anthems, from gospel-influenced alt-soul, uptempo synth or axe-wielding stompers, to brooding experiments somehow finding uplift from the edge of despair.

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"Cindy + Me"


  1. 1. Too Much Dark
  2. 2. Stop Hurting Each Other
  3. 3. Cindy + Me
  4. 4. The Sound Of Thunder
  5. 5. U + Yr Rocketship
  6. 6. The Mute + The Mindreader
  7. 7. Tiny Sounds
  8. 8. We're Playing With Fire
  9. 9. A Psychic Lasso
  10. 10. In The Land Of Giants
  11. 11. You're A Giant Now
  12. 12. What You're Looking For