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By The Patient

By The Patient - Gehenna

By The Patient from Copenhagen offer a different approach to the world of Scandinavian metal. The Danish quartet is heading for a heavy, yet brutal sound that is based on the combination of several metal genres without paying attention to established conventions. Don’t ask for the recipe - just listen to Gehenna and discover the harsh wall-of-sound, which includes lots of emotion and a good dose of melody. While often being compared to Amon Amarth and Behemoth by reviewers, By The Patient are looking for their own path through the Scandinavian metal scene.

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"Web Of Beliefs"


  1. 1. Ruled By The Dead
  2. 2. Deceiver
  3. 3. Gehenna
  4. 4. Web Of Beliefs
  5. 5. The Sleep
  6. 6. Snakes
  7. 7. Nat
  8. 8. This Barren Earth
  9. 9. Omnivore