New Releases For April 5, 2011


Burzum - Fallen

Metal Army said of 2010's Belus, 'whatever you might think of Varg Vikernes, it's impossible to deny the depressive brilliance of Belus, which recalls his classic albums Filosofem and Hvis Lyset Tar Oss yet shows a marked increase of maturity.'

Fallen is the second album from the controversial recording artist since his release from chains that bound him for nearly two decades. Fallen features seven new compositions; each adding another storied journey to the celebrated Burzum legacy. The album's musical focus joins his earlier sounds with key elements of Belus while lyrically he continues to examine mythological themes.

TAGS: Hard Rock | Metal

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  1. 1. Fra Verdenstreet
  2. 2. Jeg faller
  3. 3. Valen
  4. 4. Vanvidd
  5. 5. Enhver til Sitt
  6. 6. Budstikken
  7. 7. Til Hel og tilbake igjen