New Releases For August 19, 2014

Last Call For The Quiet Life

Buddy - Last Call For The Quiet Life

'Los Angeles-based band Buddy originally started out as an acoustic act. Over time, the project has transitioned into full-fledged indie-rock outfit... Featuring a lush, evocative sound, this band has us excited, and the future is definitely bright.' - GroundSounds

Guests include: Michelle Branch, Cary Brothers, Morgan Nagler, Holly Conlan and more. Mixed By: Phil Ek (Built To Spill, The Shins, Band Of Horses).

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"Slow Light Down"


  1. 1. Weak Currents
  2. 2. Slow Light Down
  3. 3. Fault Lines
  4. 4. Boxing Elbows
  5. 5. Behind It (Bad Advice)
  6. 6. Anchor
  7. 7. Anywhere You Go
  8. 8. Stare Too Long
  9. 9. Frames Per Second
  10. 10. Scrap Metal