New Releases For February 2, 2010

Bruce Kulick

Bruce Kulick - BK3

Former KISS guitarist BRUCE KULICK steps out with his third and most dynamic solo album BK3. Addictive melodies, pile-driving riffs and great songs, BK3 is filled with explosive hard rock.

BK3 features guest vocals from GENE SIMMONS, NICK SIMMONS, JOHN CORABI, TOBIAS SAMMET and a smoking guitar duel with STEVE LUKATHER. Eddie Trunk says it's 'great to hear one of the unsung heroes of the rebirth of KISS... stepping out with a bold musical statement all his own.'


  1. Fate
  2. Ain't Gonna Die
  3. No Friend of Mine
  4. Hand of the King
  5. I'll Survive
  6. Dirty Girl
  7. Final Mile
  8. I'm The Animal
  9. And I Know
  10. Between The Lines
  11. Life