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Brooklyn Brothers
The Album

Brooklyn Brothers - The Album

'A Bro-Mantic 'Once' if it had been directed by Cameron Crowe in his prime' - Seattle Weekly

The Brooklyn Brothers (Ryan O'Nan and Michael Weston) blur the line between fiction and reality as they star in Brooklyn Brothers Beat The Best - a new film about the heartbreaks and joys of making music - and also release their self-titled debut album and launch their first ever tour before the film's September premiere.

An offbeat coming-of-age tale about two lo-fi musicians who chase their musical dreams on a cross-country road trip and discover their unique sound using children's instruments backed by the beat of a cheap Casio keyboard.

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"Come On Girl"


  1. 1. Come On Girl
  2. 2. 278 (Airport)
  3. 3. Hey Captain
  4. 4. No One Left Alive
  5. 5. Someday
  6. 6. Faster Than Aeroplanes
  7. 7. Why Don't You Cry About It
  8. 8. Julianne
  9. 9. Deep Green Sea
  10. 10. Bravery I Can't Brave