New Releases For September 30, 2013

Broken Hope
Omen Of Disease

Broken Hope - Omen Of Disease

In 2012, long standing members Jeremy Wagner and Shaun Glass resurrected Broken Hope and vowed to make the band a full-time monster - forever. Broken Hope made their long awaited return to the realm of death metal on the highly successful Carnival of Death tour. BH's high-intensity COD live offerings received top-praise, and confirmed that not only was the band back, they were also more rabid than ever.

Their sixth album features new members Damian Leski, Mike Micezek, and Chuck Wepfer. Broken Hope has absolutely delivered their sickest, most ferocious creation to date with Omen Of Disease.


  1. 1. Septic Premonitions (Intro)
  2. 2. Womb Of Horrors
  3. 3. Ghastly
  4. 4. The Flesh Mechanic
  5. 5. Rendered Into Lard
  6. 6. Omen Of Disease
  7. 7. The Docking Dead
  8. 8. Give Me The Bottom Half
  9. 9. Predacious Poltergeist
  10. 10. Blood Gullet
  11. 11. Carnage Genesis
  12. 12. Choked Out And Castrated
  13. 13. Incinerated (2013 Redux)
  14. 14. Grindbox (Live In San Francisco)
  15. 15. He Was Raped (Live In San Francisco)

  16. BONUS DVD:
  17. Features documentary on the band, promotional videos and live footage

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