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Brian Robertson
Diamonds and Dirt

Brian Robertson - Diamonds and Dirt

Best known as Thin Lizzy's guitarist from 1974-1978, Brian Robertson was also a contributing songwriter, together with the band's famous frontman Phil Lynott on four of the band's albums during that time. In February 2008 Robertson returned to the studio to work on new material. His first solo album Diamonds and Dirt, featuring Ian Haugland of the band Europe, Nalle Pahlsson from Treat, Leif Sundin from MSG and Liny Wood, was recorded in Stockholm at Polar Studios over a two year period. Four tracks on this album were either written or co-written by Mr. Lynott... and so the legacy of the brilliant Lynott/Robertson rock collaboration continues.

TAGS: Hard Rock | Metal

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"Diamonds And Dirt"


  1. 1. Diamonds And Dirt
  2. 2. Passion
  3. 3. It's Only Money
  4. 4. Mail Box
  5. 5. Running Back
  6. 6. Texas Wind
  7. 7. Devil In My Soul
  8. 8. Do It Til We Drop
  9. 9. Blues Boy
  10. 10. That's All!
  11. 11. 10 Miles To Go On A 9 Mile Road
  12. 12. Running Back - Slow Version
  13. 13. Ain't Got No Money - Bonus Track