New Releases For July 12, 2011

Brian Hughes
Fast Train To A Quiet Place

Brian Hughes - Fast Train To A Quiet Place

One of Contemporary Jazz's foremost guitarists and composers releases his finest album to date with this release. The album includes the first single 'Fast Train' along with nine other Hughes originals and features an all-star lineup: Matt Rodhe: Keyboards, (Prince, Christina Aguilera, Alanis Morissette, J Lo, Queen Latifah and American Idol), Tal Bergman: Drums, (Joe Bonamassa, Rod Stewart, Joe Zawinul), Ron Powell: Percussion, (Kenny G, Sergio Mendes, Madonna), and Rufus Philpot: Bass, (Al DiMeola, Jeff Golub, Planet X).

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"Fast Train"


  1. 1. Fast Train
  2. 2. A Blanket of Stars
  3. 3. Would You Like Fries With That My Dear
  4. 4. You & I
  5. 5. Gotcha!
  6. 6. Super Tight
  7. 7. Café Sin Nombre
  8. 8. The Gift
  9. 9. To A Quiet Place
  10. 10. Hallelujah