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Brian Bromberg
In The Spirit of Jobim

Brian Bromberg - In The Spirit of Jobim

Taking another left turn to salute another 1960s seminal figure, In The Spirit of Jobim is comprised of five classics made famous by Brazilian legend Antonio Carlos Jobim - 'One Note Samba,' 'Wave,' 'Tristeifinado' ('Triste' and 'Desafinado'), 'Corcovado' and 'The Girl From Ipanema' - and seven Bromberg compositions emulating Jobim's style. Bromberg harnessed the Rising Sun Orchestra and surrounded himself with Brazilian musicians in an effort to foster authenticity. It's a stunning and romantic collection. 'I love Brazilian music and it's a blast to play live. The music is so positive and energetic. The songs are simple and melodic. It's just beautiful,' he gushes.

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  1. 1. One Note Samba
  2. 2. Wave
  3. 3. Coastline Drive
  4. 4. Little Tune
  5. 5. Tristefinado
  6. 6. Corcovado
  7. 7. Cha Chika Chika Boom
  8. 8. Isn't It Beautiful
  9. 9. Ray Of Sunshine
  10. 10. Talia
  11. 11. Ellen
  12. 12. The Girl From Ipanema

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