New Releases For September 7, 2010

Brendan James
Brendan James

Brendan James - Brendan James

The sky is the limit for this 'songwriter on the rise' (Entertainment Weekly). Brendan James's self titled follow up to The Day Is Brave explores his experiences on any given day while on the road.

Songs ranging from the upbeat 'Nothing For Granted' and 'Different Kind of Love,' to the quirky 'Stupid For Your Love,' to the anthemic 'Get It Right,' to the sultry 'Let It Rain,' and 'Anything For You,' which features guitarist David Welsh and drummer Ben Wysocki from The Fray.

The infectious first single from the CD, 'The Fall,' is about having to let someone go with the knowledge that freedom is the most grounding feeling of all.


  1. 1. Nothing For Granted
  2. 2. The Fall
  3. 3. Anything For You
  4. 4. The Lucky Ones
  5. 5. Stupid For Your Love
  6. 6. Different Kind Of Love
  7. 7. Get It Right
  8. 8. Changing Us
  9. 9. Let It Rain
  10. 10. Your Beating Heart
  11. 11. Emerald Sky