New Releases For September 10, 2013

Breed 77
The Evil Inside

Breed 77 - The Evil Inside

The original Breed 77 members hail from Gibraltar. Danny Felice, Paul Isola and Stuart Cavilla decided to break the mold of the local scene there by forming a rock band, leaving their home country to head to London.

When in London they discovered Spanish guitarist, Pedro Caparros, who was then added to the line-up. More recently, the band recruited talented drummer; Portuguese Andre Joyzi, who combines the perfect mix of rock grooves and rhythm.

TAGS: Hard Rock | Metal

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"Bring On The Rain"


  1. 1. Drown
  2. 2. Broken Pieces
  3. 3. Fear
  4. 4. Looking For Myself
  5. 5. Bring On The Rain
  6. 6. Low
  7. 7. The Evil Inside
  8. 8. Higher
  9. 9. 2Face
  10. 10. Burn City Burn
  11. 11. Motionless