New Releases For October 29, 2013

Boy & Bear
Harlequin Dream

Boy & Bear - Harlequin Dream

The record in question is Harlequin Dream, their bold and brave new album, conceived and 'birthed' in their hometown of Sydney. And they couldn't have picked a more appropriate venue in which to make the magic happen: the legendary Alberts studio, the spiritual home of AC/DC, the Easybeats and many, many other homegrown legends. Their music only went offshore when takes were sent to Phil Ek in Seattle, who's worked with such bands as Band of Horses, Fleet Foxes and Modest Mouse, to be mixed. It was the perfect arrangement for this very Sydney band.

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"Southern Sun"


  1. 1. Southern Sun
  2. 2. Old Town Blues
  3. 3. Harlequin Dream
  4. 4. Three Headed Woman
  5. 5. Bridges
  6. 6. A Moment's Grace
  7. 7. End Of The Line
  8. 8. Back Down The Black
  9. 9. Real Estate
  10. 10. Stranger
  11. 11. Arrow Flight