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Bobby Long

Bobby Long - Sultans

U.S.-based British singer-songwriter Bobby Long explores his love of the Beatles on his Compass Records’ album, Sultans. The two-part title track that bookends this, his fourth album, playfully pays homage to Sgt. Pepper’s and the music Long heard at home growing up in rural Southwest England, while this taut new 10-song set of original material effectively traverses Long’s signature themes of love, loss and heartache. A prolific songwriter who has been compared to his own heroes—Elliott Smith, Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan—Long recorded Sultans in Brooklyn as a live trio with producer and frequent collaborator Jack Dawson for a more textured sound.

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  1. 1. Sultans I
  2. 2. Nautical
  3. 3. Crazy
  4. 4. Mazarati
  5. 5. Goodbye
  6. 6. Serpentine
  7. 7. Love
  8. 8. Venice
  9. 9. Sisters
  10. 10. Sultans II

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