New Releases For August 7, 2015

Bobby Long
Ode To Thinking

Bobby Long - Ode To Thinking

Bobby Long has built a dedicated fan base around his hauntingly poetic lyrics and catchy melodies. A prolific songwriter who has been compared to his own heroes - Elliott Smith, Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan - Long’s vision for Ode To Thinking was honed in a live setting, where each song found its place on the album after being perfected on stage. After first gaining international attention for a song of his included in the immensely popular Twilight series, Long was able to return to the basics with Ode To Thinking: a guitar, sturdy songs, and his singularly plaintive voice.

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"I'm Not Going Out Tonight"


  1. 1. Ode To Thinking
  2. 2. Cold Hearted Lover Of Mine
  3. 3. I'm Not Going Out Tonight
  4. 4. Treat Me Like A Stranger
  5. 5. Kill Someone
  6. 6. Something Blue, Something Borrowed
  7. 7. Hideaway
  8. 8. The Dark Won't Get Darker
  9. 9. The Song The Kids Sing
  10. 10. 1985
  11. 11. That Little Place

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