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Bobby Long
A Winter's Tale

Bobby Long - A Winter's Tale

This is British singer-songwriter-guitarist Bobby Long's anticipated debut studio album A Winter Tale. Currently residing in New York City, the 24-year old Long has been writing finely-crafted songs since taking up the guitar at age 17; from then on he's been creating memorable songs inhabited by hauntingly poetic lyrics. After relocating to London from Wiltshire in the countryside of southwest England, he became a fixture at London's open-mic nights while attending London Metropolitan University where he studied Music in Film and wrote his thesis on The Social Impact of American Folk Music.

As Long became more entrenched in London's burgeoning open mic circuit, he met actor and fellow musician Robert Pattinson, who would go on to sing 'Let Me Sign' (co-written by Long and friend Marcus Foster) over a crucial dramatic scene in the blockbuster film Twilight. The inclusion of the song in the film's soundtrack gave Long a head start on a legion of fans.

A Winter Tale features Nona Hendryx (LaBelle) on backing vocals, B. J. Cole (Elton John, Sting) on pedal steel, and Icelandic singer Lay Low on several tracks.

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"Who Have You Been Loving"


  1. 1. A Winter Tale
  2. 2. Who Have You Been Loving
  3. 3. The Bounty Of Mary Jane
  4. 4. In The Frost
  5. 5. Sick Man Blues
  6. 6. Penance Fire Blues
  7. 7. A Passing Tale
  8. 8. Dead And Done
  9. 9. Being A Mockingbird
  10. 10. Two Years Old
  11. 11. A Stranger Song

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