New Releases For May 1, 2012

Interludes After Midnight

Blockhead - Interludes After Midnight

With Interludes After Midnight, Blockhead proudly presents his fifth LP, released on Ninja Tune.

In the two years since the critically lauded The Music Scene, Blockhead, nee Tony Simon, has traveled the globe and emerged with another collection of eclectic songs that twist, turn, and grind their way into the listener's psyche.

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"Never Forget Your Token"


  1. 1. Never Forget Your Token
  2. 2. Creeps Crouchin'
  3. 3. Panic In Funkytown
  4. 4. Hungover Like Whoa
  5. 5. Meet You At Tower Records
  6. 6. Escape The Meadow
  7. 7. Smoke Signals
  8. 8. Tools Of The Industry
  9. 9. Midnight Blue
  10. 10. Snapping Point
  11. 11. Beyond Reach (Featuring Baby Dayliner)
  12. 12. The Robin Byrd Era

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