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Blacklist Royals
Die Young With me

Blacklist Royals - Die Young With me

Die Young With Me was produced by Ted Hutt (Chuck Ragan, Lucero, The Gaslight Anthem). Composed of twin brothers, Nat and Rob Rufus, the album is a personal account of a childhood spent battling cancer. It unfolds as a fluid thing, exploring new directions both sonically and lyrically with candor and heart like never before.

TAGS: Alternative | Punk

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"Righteous Child"


  1. 1. Righteous Child
  2. 2. Missing Something
  3. 3. The Open Door
  4. 4. Out In The Dark
  5. 5. Twenty Six And Gone
  6. 6. The Common Things
  7. 7. Skeleton Crew
  8. 8. Die Young With Me
  9. 9. Hearts On Fire
  10. 10. Last Day Of The Suicide Kid
  11. 11. Take It / Leave It