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Welcome To My DNA

Blackfield - Welcome To My DNA

Welcome To My DNA, the new album from Blackfield is the acclaimed collaboration between Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree) and Israeli artist Aviv Geffen.

Formed after a meeting in 2000, the partnership blossomed into a cross-cultural collaboration that has already spawned two albums (2004's Blackfield and 2007's Blackfield II) and led Classic Rock magazine to recently state that 'when they come together they create something quite magical' before going on to describe the new album as 'a thing of melancholic beauty.'

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  1. 1. Glass House
  2. 2. Go To Hell
  3. 3. Rising Of The Tide
  4. 4. Waving
  5. 5. Far Away
  6. 6. Dissolving With The Night
  7. 7. Blood
  8. 8. On The Plane
  9. 9. Oxygen
  10. 10. Zigota
  11. 11. DNA

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