New Releases For May 27, 2014

Black Anvil
Hail Death

Black Anvil - Hail Death

New York black metal titans Black Anvil return with their third full length Hail Death - an uncompromisingly heavy mix of Dissection, Slayer and Behemoth. While many of Black Anvil's black metal contemporaries are born from the bedroom, Hail Death is the filthy sound of the New York streets - gritty, punishing, strong and real. In the four years since their last record, Black Anvil have tirelessly toured and played shows with the likes of Marduk, Watain, Inquisition and more, and with Hail Death Black Anvil rightfully take their place amongst those contemporary black metal giants.

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  1. 1. Still Reborn
  2. 2. Redemption Through Blood
  3. 3. Eventide
  4. 4. Seven Stars Unseen
  5. 5. G.N.O.N.
  6. 6. Until The End
  7. 7. My Hate Is Pure
  8. 8. N
  9. 9. Next Level Black