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BigBang - Edendale

'If you crave instantly catchy blues-based, guitar driven rock & roll, particularly of the 60's and 70's vintage, you'll love Edendale by Los Angeles' (by way of Norway) BigBang. Equally adept at up-tempo rockers and dreamy ballads, Bigbang manage to make the music of a distant era fresh and current.'
(9 out of 10) - Kim Mack: Music Connection.

Edendale (the former name for LA's Silverlake/Echo Park area) album credits include produced by Greg Richling (Wallflowers, Black Flag), mixed by Bryan Cook (Raconteurs, QOTSA) and mastered by Gavin Lurrsen (Robert Plant/Alison Krauss).


  1. Play Louder
  2. Call Me
  3. Swedish Television
  4. Isabel
  5. Freeway Flowers
  6. Bag of Leaves
  7. To The Max
  8. Head Over Heels
  9. Now Is Not A Good Time
  10. One Step At A Time
  11. Something Special (US Bonus)
  12. Falling (US Bonus)
  13. Wild Bird (Live) (US Bonus)

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • May 21
    Odense, Denmark Bigbang at Musikkhuset Posten
  • May 22
    Copenhagen, Denmark Bigbang at Loppen
  • May 23
    Aarhus, Denmark Bigbang at Train
  • Jun 05
    Slemmestad, Norway Bigbang at Sekkefabrikken Kulturhus
  • Jun 12
    Beitostølen, Norway Beitostølen Live 2020
  • Jun 12
    Skien, Norway Skien Live 2020
  • Jul 21
    Rørvik, Norway Rørvikdagan 2020
  • Jul 23
    Dønna, Norway Sjarken 2020
  • Jul 23
    Trondheim, Norway Bigbang at Kafe Skuret
  • Jul 31
    Sandefjord, Norway Fjordfesten 2020
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