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Big Wreck - Ghosts

Returning to the studio for the first time since the success of 2012's Albatross, Big Wreck approached the making of their fourth full-length album with a renewed sense of wonder toward the very things that turned them on to rock and roll in the first place.

The album, which took upwards of 6 months to complete was a seemingly natural next step for the band. While it stays true to the driving intensity, booming drum sound and unbridled guitar virtuosity that has always made Big Wreck so appealing, it also explores bold new aural territory.

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"Come What May"


  1. 1. A Place To Call Home
  2. 2. I Digress
  3. 3. Ghosts
  4. 4. My Life
  5. 5. Hey Mama
  6. 6. Diamonds
  7. 7. Friends
  8. 8. Still Here
  9. 9. Break
  10. 10. Off And Running
  11. 11. Come What May
  12. 12. War Baby

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Jul 11
    Toronto, ON, Canada Roxodus Music Festival 2019
  • Jul 11
    Stayner, ON, Canada Roxodus Music Fest 2019 2019
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