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Big Kizz
Music Is Magic

Big Kizz - Music Is Magic

Featuring current and former members of Graveyard, Spiders, Witchcraft and Swedish garage outfit Lady Banana, Big Kizz plays good time Rock 'n' Roll energized with elements of power pop, garage rock and punk that will have toes tappin', ears ringin', and mouths singin' from the moment the needle hits the wax. Big Kizz burst onto the scene in 2017 with its debut, Eye On You, an EP filled with upbeat rock ‘n’ roll circa 1976, when proto-glam and punk rock were hardly distinguishable from each other.

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"I Want My Girl"


  1. 1. Music Is Magic (Intro)
  2. 2. I Want My Girl
  3. 3. Gave Up Tears Ago
  4. 4. Baby Boy
  5. 5. Lose My Love
  6. 6. Long Distance Call
  7. 7. High
  8. 8. Rebel Girl
  9. 9. I Hate R ‘n’ R
  10. 10. Eye On You
  11. 11. Legalt